Vigil Committee

Chair: Mason C.

Our Purpose

The purpose of the Vigil Committee is to assist the LEC in selecting and recognizing Vigil Honor members in the lodge and to keep Vigils engaged and active within our lodge.

Our Responsibilities

  • Host a selection committee each year to choose Vigil nominees.
  • Provide a ceremonialist and necessary equipment at lodge events, working with the Events Committee.
  • Work with the Merchandise Committee to acquire sashes and other recognition items for Vigil nominees.
  • File all necessary paperwork to submit to the National Council.
  • Communicate to the LEC and lodge a clear deadline for nominations.
  • Contact Vigil nominees and select Vigil guides.
  • Provide the Events Committee a list of all Vigil nominees and guides before the Lodge Ordeal. At the chairman’s discretion, this list may be withheld from members of the Event Committee, especially if such a member is a nominee.
  • Any other duties as assigned by the LEC or Lodge Chief.
  • Report to the LEC any important information.

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