Events Committee


Our Purpose

The purpose of the Events Committee—formerly Section Conclave, Winter Gathering, Spring Fellowship, Lodge Ordeal, Lodge Leadership Development (LLD), and Lodge Banquet Committees—is to assist the LEC in planning, executing, and reviewing lodge-wide events.

Our Responsibilities

  • Plan each of the following events each year:
    • Winter Gathering
    • Spring Fellowship
    • Lodge Ordeal
    • Lodge Leadership Development
    • Lodge Banquet
  • Plan, or assist, in the following special events as needed:
    • Section Conclave
    • NOAC
    • Any other events assigned by the LEC
  • Execute, or delegate the execution of, each listed event.
  • Review each event to improve future events.
  • Brainstorm additional events to improve PMP metrics.
  • Work with the Director of Communications and their committees to promote events.
  • Record attendance in LodgeMaster in a timely manner in conjunction with the Registrar.
  • Maintain Lodge radios.
  • Assist Service Committee in entering service from events as needed.
  • Any other duties as assigned by the LEC or Vice Chief.
  • Report any important information to the LEC.

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