Brotherhood & Membership (Nimat) Committee


Our Purpose

The purpose of the Brotherhood & Membership Committee is to assist the LEC in supporting a corps of Nimats—an Arrowman supporting a group of new Arrowmen through Brotherhood completion.

Our Responsibilities

  • Maintain a roster of all active Nimats and their assigned Ordeal members.
  • Communicate with the AIA Committee, Registrar, and LEC to seek opportunities for Brotherhood conversion.
  • Provide at least one (1) training a year to recruit and train Nimats at the discretion of the LEC and Events Committee.
  • Work with the Merchandise and Awards Committees to recognize Nimats who complete the Nimat recognition program.
  • Recruit and support all current Nimats.
  • Ensure Brotherhood completion is inputted into LodgeMaster quickly and correctly in conjunction with the Registrar.
  • Brainstorm additional programs to increase membership retention and Brotherhood completion rates.
  • Any other duties as assigned by the LEC or Vice Chief.
  • Report any important information to the LEC.

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