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    West Area Ordeal

    Area Ordeals are in full swing! The West Area (KPO, LOA, TAK, WUN) will be holding their Ordeal from August 16–18 at Camp Krietenstein.

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Home of Jaccos Towne Lodge, Order of the Arrow

We are located within the Crossroads of America Council #160, the largest Boy Scout council in Indiana. The Council covers the center of the state from east to west stretching as far north as Muncie and as far south as Terre Haute. The Council currently serves over 34,000 young people in 26 counties through 965 packs, troops, teams, crews, groups, ships and posts.

Our Lodge holds many events throughout the year, including fellowships, trainings, Ordeals and Lodge Executive Committee (LEC) meetings. We also publish a quarterly newsletter, named Kinohsamia, which covers current Lodge events, as well as announcements and important news. Our Lodge is composed of 10 Chapters, which also have their own events and leadership.

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