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2021 Section C-6A Conclave Update

Join our Lodge at Section Conclave! Conclave is a Section-wide event that houses six Lodges, including ours. Come and experience competition activities, rifle shooting, archery, American Indian Activities, patch trading, patch auction, great meals, shows, fellowship and so much more. This event is open to all Arrowman in the Section and, at the end of the weekend, youth Arrowmen will have the opportunity to elect the next Section officers. This…
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Support our Section by Purchasing Conclave Patches

Section C-6A made the hard decision, but the correct move for safety and security of all, to cancel the 2020 Section C-6A Conclave back in March. However, they will not let that stop them from offering event patches for everybody to collect! The sale of these patches will help everyone remember a year where hard work was not rewarded through a Conclave, but was much appreciated. The revenue will also…
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