Jaccos Towne Lodge is currently recruiting Arrowmen to join us on an amazing journy to the University of Tennessee for the largest Order of The Arrow event that is available. Over 6,000 Arrowmen will be attending this event, including lodges from every state in the country.

What is NOAC?

NOAC is the National Order of the Arrow Conference where Arrowmen from all over the nation join together to celebrate the Order of the Arrow. NOAC is the second largest national event in scouting. During NOAC, Arrowmen will take part in a 5 day long event that include training sessions from quality trainers, nightly shows, and a long list of recreational activities. 

What happens at NOAC?

NOAC has so much to offer, from trainings, the night shows, adventure central, the hub, and of course, lots and lots of patch trading! Below are some videos that can sum up this amazing event. 

NOAC 2022 National Promo Video

NOAC 2020 National Promo Video 

(NOAC 2020 was canceled due to COVID-19)

NOAC 2018 National Promo Video 

Who can go to NOAC?

Anyone in the Lodge can go to NOAC, no matter how long or little you have been in the organization. However, the lodge will be keeping a STRICT 1:1 youth to adult ratio so we make sure our lodge youth have the chance to attend. 

What is the price for NOAC?

The price to go to NOAC 2022 with our lodge will be $800. Right now you can save your spot in the Jaccos Towne Contingent for $100. This will go towards your entire fee. This price includes: 

What is the payment schedule?

Here is our Lodges payment schedule. you can pay for these on our registration page Here.

Payment Due Date Amount
Initial Deposit --------------------- $100
1st Payment Due November 10, 2021 $300
2nd Payment Due February 10, 2022 $300
Last Payment Due May 10, 2022 $100
Late Fee Starting June 1, 2022 $50

What are the Lodges travel plans?

Our Lodge will be taking a charter bus from The Golden Burke Scout Center to Tennessee. The bus will be equipped with a bathroom, TV’s for movie watching, Outlets and USB ports, Individual AC, and WiFi. 

How do I register for NOAC?

You can register for NOAC 2022 by clicking this button

Have any questions?

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our contingent leadership using the form below.